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Four foundational areas inform our next steps and future directions:

Four Foundations

Maximising the opportunities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Our focus:

 using the national and international networks to learn,

to be a positive and productive City of Gastronomy partner in sharing our learning

 hosting the next Symposium of Australian Gastronomy in 2024

Advocating for regional knowledge and capacity building to support our regional gastronomy.

Our focus:

encouraging employment choice and participation in the gastronomy system;

seeing our education and learning institutions attract students from around the world 

to see our research acknowledged and used for food justice and sustainability.

Enhancing gastronomy networks of the region and promoting our regional gastronomy events.
Measuring and reporting on the environmental, social and economic impacts of gastronomy on our regional prosperity.

Our focus:

enhancing gastronomy networks of the region

promoting our regional gastronomy events

strengthening the network so we all know what each other does

creating opportunities to identify unlikely but potentially innovative and inspiring coalitions 

championing our events, encouraging ‘reach’ in their offerings.

Our focus: if we can measure the environmental, social and economic impacts of gastronomy across our region, we will get a better understanding of what is happening. In turn this will give us a clearer vision of a future that is sustainable, prosperous and equitable; while also clarifying the gaps along the way we will need to address.

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